Bohdan Dušek - The Forest Community and the Bulldog People -
Bohdan Dušek
The Forest Community and the Bulldog People
3/3 - 2/4/2023
Exhibition of works by Bohdan Dušek at Art Mozaika Gallery Prague, Politických vězňů 8, Prague 1
tel. 601 568 061
Bohdan Dušek
Born on October 9, 1981 in Prague
1997-2003 Václav Hollar Secondary Vocational School
2008-2015 University of Applied Arts in Prague, Studio of Film and Television Graphics
2004-2013 animation studio At Seven Rocks
2007 work as an artist on the educational project "Europe through time" (animated film about the identity of Europe)
2008 collaboration on the project "End of the Iron Curtain" (animated semi-plastic film about how life was
                      iron curtain in times of totality. Project for the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic)
2013 collaboration on the project "Rights for Everyone" (combination of live and animated film about what would
                      everyone should have known to exercise their rights)
2014-2015 decoration of Jahoda kindergartens and the Field Center for Youth in Černý most and Vinohrady
2014 cooperation with Ak. By the painter Josef Bolf on the "Heavy Planet" project (animating the author's paintings
                      on the occasion of the opening at the Hund Kastner gallery in Žižkov)
2015 collaboration with the Alfred theater in Dvůr on the play "The Pirate and the Apothecary" (creation of projection and props)
2016-2017 decoration of the underpass under the Štěpničná tram stop in Prague 8, Ládví (painting of a wall about 150 m long
                      "Concrete Jungle" theme, figures of animals and amazons incorporated into the colorful belt of the block construction)
2003 exhibition "Graphics of the Year" Old Town Hall
2003 Gallery A.M
2009 Lapidarium Gallery
2010 In the premises of the Café bar Vítkov
2014 New concept Prague in the premises of the Grid gallery
2020 Art Factory
2021 Art Factory
2008 About the Tick (animated film based on Brazilian fairy tales)
2008 Conscience of the City (video clip for the music group Alvaréz Peréz)
2009 Bear dance (video clip for the music group Vrtule1)
2011 Cat Night (semester work)
2015 Deadly font2 (diploma thesis)

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Politických vězňů 911/8
110 00, Praha 1
ID No.: 06057667
VAT No.: CZ06057667
tel.: +420 222 231 594