Richard Kliment
Biosphere 2
28/3 - 24/4/2022
Until April 22, 2022, a very interesting sales exhibition of paintings by Richard Kliment: Biosphere 2 will be open in the premises of the anti-nuclear shelter of the Art Mosaic Gallery, Politických vězňů 8, Prague 1. Open Tue - Fri: 11.00 - 18.00.
The space of the atomic bunker is a combination of hope for safety and survival, along with feelings of frustration and claustrophobia. Like a spaceship traveling into the depths of space, it is equipped with autonomous life support systems. Water and oxygen give humans and plants a chance. Living nature, the natural environment of our existence, is a necessary prerequisite for mental health. Images that provide at least the illusion of such an environment are perhaps only in vain, in defiance of incomprehensible and inevitable extinction. An intellectual game derived from our physiological needs. But in addition to distractions, perhaps they can also provide support for reflections on our wonderful and foolish existence.
Protect your mental health! Picture to every cover!
The presented collection of paintings is a cross-section of works from square formats (circa 2006) to the present. Most of the exhibited works are for sale.
The exhibition is a free continuation of the Biosphere in Atomic Shelter project at Parukářka in 2007.
Richard Kliment
free creation - paintings (acrylic, oil), occasionally graphics, photographs
born Havlickuv Brod, Vysocina
1990 - 1995 Department of Aesthetics FF UK Prague
since 1998 author and group exhibitions
2000 - 2008 curator of the private gallery Atelier K + K (Krásova 37, Žižkov, Prague)
since 2002 exhibition projects Culturecross
2007 - 2008 curator of exhibitions in the atomic bunker at Parukářka (Žižkov, Prague)
2016 representation in DP Gallery (First Rate Art - Petr Dvořák, Art Banana)

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25/4 - 19/5/2023


Politických vězňů 911/8
110 00, Praha 1
ID No.: 06057667
VAT No.: CZ06057667
tel.: +420 222 231 594