F. Dostál, J. Pošva
14/3 - 15/4/2022
František Dostál (* July 21, 1938, Prague) is a contemporary Czech reportage and documentary photographer living in Prague. His most famous ensemble is Summer People, which he created between 1968 and 1990 in Zlenice on the Sázava River. The subject of his work in the last 30 years is mainly the people of the streets of Prague. His work is characterized by a subtle humor that benefits from the often absurd encounters of several disparate elements in one painting.
Although he devotes himself exclusively to photography as an amateur, with more than twenty book titles, countless newspaper and magazine illustrations and almost 70 authorial and joint exhibitions, he is one of the most prolific and published Czech photographers. He draws his inspiration from everyday life, the actors of his work are ordinary people in everyday situations, to whom, however, he lends so much typical Dostál poetics and kind humor with his lens. Dostál's work will be divided into several thematic units at the exhibition. The Dogs and Humans cycle is then dedicated to images of the coexistence of humans and their best friends. During the exhibition activity he became a member of many photo clubs - in Argentina, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Germany, Poland, Great Britain (The Royal Photographic Society), he won a number of honorary titles and more than 100 awards. He has been publishing in the magazine Československá fotografie (originally PHOTOLife) since 2003, he is also a member of its editorial board, in 2008 he started cooperating with the monthly FOTO Video.
Jiří Pošva (October 12, 1948, Kraslice (Sokolov) graduated from the Secondary School of Ceramics in Bechyně, completed a private internship with the ceramic master Vacek. These works are characterized by grotesque exaggeration, sometimes with a nice eroticism, and his work is regularly presented at domestic and foreign exhibitions.

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