Milan Junek
The Story of the Body
7/6 - 25/6/2021

Milan Junek: The Story of the Body


Art Mozaika, Politických vězňů 8, Prague 1, presents an exhibition of mostly male nudes and portraits by Milan Junek: The Story of the Body from June 7 to June 25, 2021.


The patron of the exhibition is the famous fashion designer Osmany Laffita. Milan Junek is a romani photographer who, despite the adversity of fate and difficult social conditions, has developed into a well-known Czech nude photographer who is gaining recognition not only at home but also abroad. We have been following his work and life circumstances for several years and he has our great admiration.


There are few Roma who can make a significant impact on society. Milan Junek was born in Chomutov in 1976 into a problematic family and very difficult social conditions. He went through an infant institution and an orphanage, and he did not learn who his real parents were until he was 18 years old. The next decade of his life was also very difficult for Milan. Coincidentally, Milan got his hands on a camera. He created his first photographic act and its direction was decided. Today, Milan has had many hundreds of highly artistically rated nudes with characteristic handwriting and countless exhibitions, published articles, participation in competitions. In 2017 he became the absolute winner of the Photo open competition, his photos were published by the renowned American magazine Advocate which published 27 of Milan's best photos and even ranked one in the TOP 80 photos in 2017, as well as in Art in America magazine, Loev and other periodicals.


Milan Junek is a man who constantly helps people in difficult life situations. Proceeds from his last exhibition in Brno were donated to the Krtek Children's Oncology Foundation. He also donated his photos to charity auctions for the Endangered Children Fund, the Michaela Salačová Endowment Fund "We love to help", the art project "The Power of Voices for Honzík" to help a boy in a coma and also for the charity project of a wheelchair model Jana Brambaški "we should help each other ".


Exhibition organizer: Art Mozaika


Exhibition curator: Dr. Jiří Jaskmanický


WHERE: Art Mozaika Gallery, Politických vězňů 8, Prague 1


WHEN: From June 7, 2021 to June 25, 2021; Tue - Fri: 11.00 - 18.00


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