Tomáš Kubík
Michelangelo v Lockdownu
15/3 - 30/4/2021

Dear friends,

We would like to invite you cordially to the second of the series "Forbidden Exhibitions":


Tomáš Kubík – Michelangelo lockdowned


The exhibition runs from Monday 15 March 2021, Tue-Fri - from 11 am to 6 pm.

The exhibition will be online on the website of the Art Gallery Mozaika, a personal visit will be possible only by appointment by phone or e-mail (tel. No. +420 734 853 410 or e-mail: info@artmozaika.eu].

Prohibited exhibitions are a project that reflects government regulations associated with the current epidemiological situation. These are exhibitions located in the private spaces of the gallery, they can be visited only by phone or e-mail appointment, so that at the same time there will be no more than the number allowed in the group at the exhibition, while following the recommended hygiene rules.


From March 15, 2021 to April 15, 2021 you will find in Art Mozaika gallery a very interesting exhibition of paintings and drawings by Tomáš Kubík, one of the most prominent graduates of the studio of prof. Zdeněk Beran at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. The exhibition is called Michelangelo lockdowned and its title thus directly refers to the actuality of the author's works.

Two portraits of Tomáš Kubík, which were selected for the prestigious May Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2021 in London, were also represented at the exhibition at the Gallery Art Mozaika, but they are already travellling to London.

At the exhibition, Tomáš Kubík presents two of his major recent cycles - The Michelangelo Project and Death and the Girl, as well as the Renaissance Documentary Portrait Series and a number of drawings. The author very quickly worked his way up from landscape painting and hyperrealistic still lifes to contemporary figural paintings, inspired by the Renaissance and Mannerism periods, and became one of the renowned authors of contemporary painting.

In the Michelangelo Project, Tomáš Kubík was inspired by his admiration and study of Michelangelo Buonarroti's work. The result is impressive large-format paintings painted with the technique of classical oil painting, in which the viewer will find references to the present, such as tattoos or other hidden details.

The cycle Death and the Girl is a set of paintings created in a non-traditional way, when the author used a real "sculpture" as a model - realistic plaster casts. The result is very sculptural paintings that develop the popular baroque themes of Vanitas and Memento mori.

The exhibition is complemented by a painting of Mary Magdalene, with whom Tomáš Kubík took part in a large show of European figurative work in Barcelona, ​​as well as a number of drawings and sketches.

MgA.Tomáš Kubík studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Studio of classical painting techniques of prof. Zdeněk Beran and in the Studio of Intermedia Work / prof. Milan Knížák School. He specializes mainly in realistic figural painting.

In his portfolio we can also find a number of other painting genres and techniques (still life, landscape painting, pastel, line drawing, etc.). His greatest inspirations are the Renaissance and Baroque periods, paintings of old masters, where he finds qualities that he often lacks in "contemporary" painting. Tomáš Kubík's paintings can be seen in the NG collections in Prague and in the private collections of art lovers around the world.

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